Getting Ready For Your Wedding Dance


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The Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts Studio

At the Mark Ballas Dance studio we can help you get ready for the perfect first dance! Every bride and groom has a different vision for their first dance. Whether you are looking to improve the moves you used at prom or build a fancy routine to surprise your family and friends we can help.

Congratulations to our recent wedding couple, Beto and Nicole!

Click the video below to see their beautiful Bachata wedding dance!

Creating a Successful Wedding Dance to Remember

As you get closer the wedding the hectic schedules and the general busyness of preparing for the big event will not leave you a lot of time to start learning a new skill, especially if your vision includes choreography or a fancy routine.

Even if you are looking for a simpler presentation, we encourage our couples to start the wedding dance process at least 3-4 months before the wedding. This gives the couple plenty of time to learn their basics. If you do not yet have dance experience you will want to start with the basics of dance before moving into choreography. We want to be sure that you have breathing room to practice and feel completely comfortable before preforming on the big day.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is through our Introductory Wedding Package. This package consists of

  • 2 Private Lessons 
  • Consultation session with our studio program adviser.

There are three important benefits to this process that will help us make your wedding dance the best it can be.

1. If you have never danced before, you will have the chance to try our services and instruction,  risk free!

2. We will have the opportunity to asses how you and your fiance naturally move together. This will help us better plan your choreography or find the right dance style for both of you. 

3. There is a free consultation with a studio program adviser. This consultation will give you the opportunity to share with us your vision. At this time we can better assist you in choosing the program that will help your vision come true!

NOTE: There is no pressure to purchase any of these options at the time of your consultation. We simply want to ensure that couples are informed of all the educational options available as well as our professional opinion on what programs will help you succeed.

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