Getting Ready For Your Wedding Dance

Partner  . . . check  🙂

Wedding Song  . . .  check

Find amazing instructor and choreographer for the first dance. .  . .


The Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts Studio

At the Mark Ballas Dance studio we can help you get ready for the perfect first dance! Every bride and groom has a different vision for their first dance. Whether you are looking to improve the moves you used at prom or build a fancy routine to surprise your family and friends we can help.

Click the video below to see Beto and Nicole’s beautiful Bachata wedding dance!

Our Services


First Dance

Wedding Dance Basics

Wedding Dance Choreography

Father -Daughter  or Mother – Son, Dance

Partner Dance Basics

Partner Dance Choreography

Group Choreography

( Bride and Groom + Kids) (Father, Mother + Bride and Groom)

Wedding Party Group Routine

Brides Maids Group Dance

Groomsmen Group Dance

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