Written by Danielle Sigura

Above: Dance students enjoy a Mark Ballas Dance party!

Everybody has their own reasons for learning how to dance. Whether you are looking to impress your partner, trying to meet new people, or just trying to get some exercise, dancing is a fabulous hobby and it will be beneficial for your body, mind, and soul to dance on a regular basis. In no particular order, here are our top 10 reasons why dancing is an excellent, fun and necessary addition to your life:


1. Joining a dance class will get you out of the house and being active.

Do you ever find that you have one too many evenings where you’re sitting on the couch watching netflix, or chatting with your friends but never making any concrete plans? Say goodbye to wasted evenings and do something productive and fun with your nights by joining a dance class! It can be very difficult to self-motivate, so whatever your reasons for wanting to dance, if you commit to a dance class, you have a higher chance of getting yourself to go than if you have no commitments. In addition, the Mark Ballas Dance Studio has social dances at least twice a week after evening classes, so you can get additional dance practice and have fun at the same time!


2. Dance is a great way to exercise!

I don’t know about you, but I have never been a gym person. I flourish best when I can do my exercises with a class and with a teacher; even better, I love exercises that are fun and that don’t feel like work. Dancing can be this form of fun exercise for you! According to CalorieLab.com and Nutristrategy.com, West Coast Swing burns around 384 calories per hour of dancing, and Salsa can burn around 325 calories per hour. That compares to around 238 calories per hour if you go for a jog! If I had a choice between the two, I know which one I’d choose!

Above: Mark Ballas teachers Zach Morris and Rachel Moran demonstrate the West Coast Swing.

3. Dancing is a great way to meet new people!

Most of the dancers I have met are unquestionably friendly, social, and awesome people. Most of us are open to making new friends, and we’re excited to interact with new faces at dance parties and classes! Social dancing forces you into a situation where you need to interact with new people, and although this can seem scary, we’re all brought together by our passion for dance, so we feel a special kinship and bond between dancers, no matter your skill level. You’ll be inducted into our dance family in no time!


4. Dancing is good for your brain!

According to an article by Psychology Today, regular aerobic fitness (including some type of dance) at least once a week will maximize your brain function. One of the most important elements for improving your cognitive functioning is through practicing the dances you learn, so make sure you’re coming out and taking advantage of our spacious ballrooms in your free time! Your brain will thank you! 🙂

Above: Mark Ballas instructor Christopher Li dances with his partner at a competition.

5. Dancing is shown to reduce or reverse signs of aging in the brain.

A Science Daily article talks all about how dancing was the only form of exercise which showed noticeable chances in behavior during a study with elderly participants. The challenge of learning and remembering dance routines improved brain functioning and helped reverse signs of aging in participants, as well as improved their balance and overall physical abilities.  Dr Kathrin Rehfeld, the lead author of the study (based at the German center for Neurodegenerative Diseases), was quoted saying “I believe that everybody would like to live an independent and healthy life, for as long as possible […] I think dancing is a powerful tool to set new challenges for body and mind, especially in older age.”

Straight from the doctor’s mouth: A dance a day keeps the aging away!


6. Dancing will improve your coordination, balance, and flexibility.

I am and have always been incredibly klutzy. I’d probably set the record for world’s klutziest dancer. Thankfully, my klutziness doesn’t usually follow me onto the dance floor (anymore), and I have noticed a remarkable drop in the amount of objects that I, well, drop, since I became a dancer. If you can relate to this extremely prevalent condition of klutziness, or if you find it difficult to coordinate your hands and feet or so much as kick higher than your shins, you will definitely benefit from a good course of dance classes.

Check out this study for more information about the physical benefits of dancing. One of my favorite points that they mention is that committed dancers were more likely to report physical improvements than occasional dancers, which emphasizes how important it is to dance on a regular basis. Not to mention, it’s fun!

Above: The Mark Ballas Staff and students with West Coast Swing coaches Jason and Yvonne Wayne.

7. Dancing is fantastic stress relief.

Like yoga and meditation, dancing is a spiritual escape from the stresses and worries of your everyday life. What better way to unwind than to socialize, get some exercise, and have some fun? Dancing is a creative outlet which releases endorphins into your brain, which makes you feel good while you are dancing. In addition, the concentration which is necessary to learn basic patterns is usually enough to take your mind off of everyday matters.


8. Dancing can spice up your dating life or marriage.

There are so many ways that learning how to dance can improve your dating life or your marriage, that it is difficult to list them all! First of all, adding any new hobby automatically make you a more interesting and well-rounded person, which we know is more attractive than someone who may be perceived as boring. As we will elaborate below, dancing increases your confidence, which makes you more attractive because we are attracted to confident people.

Some articles will even argue that knowing how to dance can improve your technique in the bedroom, or at the very least dancing will make you more desirable. Men and women find dancers to be sexy, and all of us at the Mark Ballas Studio fully support that statement! 😉

Above: Mark Ballas instructor Danielle Sigura competes at a West Coast Swing festival.

9. Dancing gives you a huge confidence boost.

I can vouch for this one with absolute certainty: Dancing can give you a HUGE confidence boost! And my friends can see the difference, too. I’ve been told by my friends that I became noticeably more outgoing, friendly, and happier after dancing for only a year! According to the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, dancing has been found to boost your confidence and increase your overall quality of life. This can make a remarkable positive difference for your every day life, even while you aren’t dancing!


10. Dancing is fun!

Finally, the most obvious health benefit of dancing: it is extremely fun! Yes, dancing can also be confusing and hard work, and as a result it is more rewarding when you make progress and master new dance moves. Heel That Pain.com created a list of 8 health benefits to having fun, if you want even more reasons to take up dancing on a regular basis. The type of dancing you’re doing can impact how much fun you’re having: for example, some dances may come more easily to you than others, and that can affect how much you enjoy the learning process. Make sure to explore our options of dances that we teach and find the dance that’s best for you!


In conclusion, dancing on a regular basis will lead to a healthier and happier life for you! Begin improving your life today with Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts. We offer a wide variety of dances and classes, and your first private lesson with us is always free!  Call us today at (925)201-1956, or register online through markballasdance.com! We are looking forward to helping you along your dance journey.

Above: Guest Coach Kurt Senser demonstrating a dip and a sensual wink.