Group Dance Classes

In addition to Private Lessons,  Group Dance Classes are a complimentary way to build your partner dancing skills.  Group classes give you a social setting in which to practice your skills and learn new patterns with your fellow students!

Below is our weekly schedule for the month. Check back each month for more updates and any schedule changes.

To see our group dance classes on the go, please download our Class App!


Newcomer Classes are designed for the person who has never taken a ballroom or partner dance class. This level of class is appropriate for all dancers looking to review their basics or try a new dance style!

Beginner or Level 1 Classes will build on your foundation from newcomer. Students will continue to learn fun basic patterns and technique. If you are still a newcomer but want to try out these dances you are still welcome to attend! Just note that the material may not be broken down in the same way as a newcomer class.

Beginner and Beginner Advanced students can always benefit from polishing their level 1 skills!

Level 2 Classes are designed for students who have a fundamental understanding of their basics in the style of dance they wish to participate in. If you are interested in attending but you are not sure of your level please ask your teacher or contact us.