Questions and Answers


What do you do at Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts?

We are a professional partner dance studio, specializing in teaching all the popular forms of partner dancing in both a social and competitive format.

  • We utilize a 3- way system of teaching that offers Private and Group instruction combined with Social Dance parties to help provide a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Our goal is to offer a fun, friendly, safe, and inclusive environment for folks to explore the beautiful gift of partner dancing in whatever capacity that is comfortable for them.


What Styles of Dance Do you offer?


How do I get Started?

  • To Get Started – All you need to do is call or visit us to schedule your Introductory Private lesson/consultation.


How much do your services cost?

  • Cost varies depending on how you choose to purchase your lessons. We offer a Free complimentary private lesson to anyone who is interested in trying us out. Built into that free lesson is a consultation in which a program advisor will show you our program and pricing options This is the best way to get a comprehensive look at our pricing structure and to receive possible discounts.


When is the Studio open?

  • The studio is open 7 days a week by appointment
  • Group Classes schedules vary Monday-Sunday 
  • Private Lessons are by appointment only

Weekdays:   Tuesday-Friday 11:15am-9:00pm

Weekends :  Saturday and Sunday 11:15am-6:00pm


Do I need a partner?

A partner is not necessary to start dancing.

  • In a private lesson setting you will be dancing with your instructor.
  • Group classes will always rotate partners


What do I wear?

  • Clothes: Wear something you are comfortable moving in. This ranges from athletic wear to business ccasual
  • Shoes: For your first few lessons a dance shoe is not necessary. However, try to pick a shoe that has a slick bottom to it. You do not want your shoes to stick when you try to slide them along the floor. Rubber bottoms are not the best option whereas Suede bottoms are the optimal choice. If you feel that your shoes are sticking to the floor during your lesson or class you may ask to borrow our special dance socks or purchase them at the front desk.